Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pitbull & Xtina's Feel This Moment - Video Review

Christina Aguilera's unbreakable lotus has finally been set free! After a couple of chart misfires, the iconic diva is rising up - back to the beginning - with another international smash. I wrote about "Feel This Moment" last month and basically called it a hot mess. That opinion still stands but the song has become something of a guilty pleasure and it warms what's left of my dead heart to hear Xtina's glorious pipes back on the radio.

And, it seems, I'm not alone. Despite minimal promotion, the '80s classic-sampling club banger is shooting up the charts worldwide. It would have been nice for one of the many great tracks on Lotus to get this kind of attention but I guess you need Pitbull's insightful musings - "I'm a genius, I mean brilliant" - to get bitches to click download. But that's a complaint for another day.

A belated video dropped over the weekend and it's as low brow and seemingly low budget as the song. There's a lot of tour footage, Mr Worldwide looking moronic but sexy (shut up - there's something about him!) and Godtina redefining flawlessness. I love her ridiculous wig and the fact that she's wearing more make-up than a Mexican tranny.

But most of all, I live for the parts where she's mouthing the words to Pit's rhymes, like she's collaborating with Jay Z or someone vaguely relevant. Christina is so awkward that it's endearing. I really hope she gets her groove back and reminds everyone how a real diva does it. This is a step in the right direction.



Bruce said...

Yes! The best part is Xtina's mouthing, and Pitbull IS sexy! (as long as he keeps his glasses on and stands 40 feet away from the camera.)

Diva Incarnate said...

You know, if this song can fertilize the masses for her Lotus to finally grow then I'm all for it.

You know, the video looks amazing until you take stills and wonder why Super Mario is wearing a wig and a corset.

You know, as someone who has embraced the woman they defied biology to become, this song is clearly an 8/10 and 10/10 for music lovers. You know?

Anonymous said...

So much better than scream & shout

Chris said...

Diva Incarnate and darling Mike, you both define the otherwise ineffable qualities required to be a Christina stan! Serving bionic, unbreakable flower, different-hats popflop realness since 2008.